My camera’s facial recognition is OP

I was originally going to title this blog post “I am now officially a Nevadan” as a follow-up to the story of how I nearly failed my eye exam when transferring my driver’s license over from Illinois to Nevada. But, when I went to photograph my two driver’s licenses to show the difference between the two, I noticed something pretty interesting.

I have a Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, which comes with facial recognition. There’s a setting in the camera where you take multiple photographs of yourself and record them into the camera, allowing it to recognize you in photos and videos. I guess this allows you to stay in focus a bit better, because the camera knows that you are the star of whatever you are filming.

I personally don’t think it’s really that noticeable, but apparently, my face has changed enough that my camera consistently detects my current face as my real face, even though I don’t have glasses on (yes, I still wear glasses, and all benchmark photos in the camera are me with my glasses on; I just had to take them off for my driver’s license photo because the photographer asked me to).

My camera recognizes me without glasses

I guess this blog post technically could’ve gone either way – if it recognized me as my old photo, I would’ve laughed at how I used to be me more than I currently am, then just attribute the discrepancy to my glasses. But either way, I found it pretty interesting.