My first swordfish experience

Ever since I started cooking for myself regularly, I’ve tried my best to diversify my food intake. Today, I had swordfish.

Swordfish filet

While I was out grocery shopping, I noticed that a new shipment of swordfish had randomly come in. I had never tried swordfish before (the closest thing I’ve had to it was shark’s fin, and I don’t even remember what that tasted like), so I wanted to get the experience. The filet was also unexpectedly expensive, at US$17 per pound.

I cooked it how I normally cook meat – I minimize seasoning to just the essentials, like salt and pepper, in order to get the most flavor out of the actual meat as possible. I also added a dash of lemon juice after it was done cooking.

Basically, my conclusion is that there is no other meat that is as not worth it than swordfish. Sure, it’s possible that I just cooked and seasoned it completely wrong, but there is barely any flavor, and it just tastes like a tougher and milder regular fish.

Am I glad that I tried it? Yes. But will I ever have it again? Not unless someone else cooks it for me for free.