They remodeled the martial arts academy where I used to train

Back when I was still a resident of Illinois and spent a ton of my time at the family business, there was a martial arts academy conveniently next door where I would train and help others train. I moved away from Illinois in November 2016 and went to California, and a few months after that, the martial arts academy actually moved as well (although, not as far as I did).

The owners found a decent spot a few miles away that had much more space and a lot of windows so passersby can look in and see what’s going on.

The new Keumgang Martial Arts Academy in Mundelein, IL

I think the new location and new setup are more-or-less decent, but what I was impressed with was the wall art. What I was more impressed about was the fact that one of the owners actually painted those on the wall himself, with the aid of his students. The juxtapositioning could’ve been done a bit better, but overall, in person, the art is actually pretty incredible.

Curious to see what the school looked like at the old location? Luckily for you, I have this convenient video we filmed, where I have unrealistically short hair and the artist is actually the one doing the kicks.