I finally got my legendary ring, Nithramus, the All-Seer

After a few months of grinding, I finally finished the legendary quest storyline and unlocked Nithramus, the All-Seer.

It started with farming my final two Tomes of Chaos immediately after the instance resets happened for this week. I went back to my Shipyard and turned in the quest, and was sent over to the Coliseum, where I received a blessing from the Naaru.

Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate

After receiving my ring, I was sent back to Hellfire Citadel, where I had to defeat Archimonde in the Black Gate.

Darkness Incarnate

Upon turning in the final quest and bringing the entire legendary storyline to a close, I was allowed to up­grade my ring with Crystallized Fel and Valor Points.

Unfortunately, I was so excited about finishing the quest that I killed Archimonde in LFR difficulty, which is not eligible for Crystallized Fel drops. But, I had 5,000 Valor Points stocked up, so I went over to Tanaan Jungle and bought four upgrades to my ring, bringing it up to item level 747.

Nithramus, the All-Seer

The highest item level the ring can reach is 795, and I’m pretty excited to eventually make my ring that powerful. I was sort of getting bored of World of Warcraft again already because of how a lot of the content didn’t really have much purpose (seeing as I was already maxed out at 5,000 Valor). But now, I can pretty much do anything I want again, seeing as most activities yield Valor Points and there’s another reward-based reason to play.