Multimedia Content Producer and Consultant,
eSports Play-by-Play Shoutcaster, & Variety Gamer
Name:Adam Parkzer
Location:Chicagoland, IL, USA (Formerly Madison, WI)
Height / Weight:5'10" (178 cm) / 142 lbs (65 kg)
Social links:Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Google+

Parkzer is an entertainer best known for his esports-related work, most notably covering competitive Tetris. Today, he mainly advises other content creators from a QA-type role.

He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology, psychology, and criminal justice from UW-Madison, and has an in-progress Master of Science degree in the sec­ond­ar­y ed­u­ca­tion of social sciences from Northwestern University.

His hobbies and interests include the Internet, computers and other tech­nol­o­gy, writing, martial arts, the fourth dimension, and Avril Lavigne.